#WCW: Imperator Furiosa

By: Erika Ashley


Film Review-Mad Max: Fury Road

There’s been news floating around the web that George Miller is in pre-production for a Mad Max: Fury Road sequel that will be focused around our Woman Crush Wednesday – Imperator Furiosa. I know that she’s a fictional character but she is one real badass. Mad Max: Fury Road quickly became a favorite film of mine based on Furiosa alone. She’s a woman that knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to do whatever is needed to get it. Furiosa goes against The Man (literally) aiding in the runaway attempt of breeding sex slaves from their horrible captor, Immortan Joe.


For months, if not years, Furiosa planned her escape and didn’t hesitate to help the girls escape the clutches of a disgusting mad man. To top things off Furiosa is missing her left arm, but she does let it hold her back. In fact she’s fashioned a mechanical arm and hand that looks and works just fine in its place. She


Furiosa has constant RBF and makes it look good, it also helps that she can rock a buzz cut and car grease. Her personality, sheer determination, and all around bad-assery puts her right up there on my list of #WCWs, just a step below Sigourney Weaver.


If only she were real.



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