Top 6 Favorite Stranger Things Fan Art


By: Erika Ashley

This week the podcast is about our time in the digital world of Second Life, but writing about the topic is a bit boring. So instead let’s talk about something fun shall we? I take it that you’ve watched the new Netflix Original Series: Stranger Things by now, if you haven’t then what are you doing with your life?? The next time you have roughly 8 hours to spare, hunker down, grab your favorite snacks, unplug from the interwebs and just enjoy the amazingness that is Stranger Things.

Soon you too will want to create your very own fan art as an ode to the neo-nostalgic instant classic that is Stranger Things. There has been some seriously awesome fan art that has hit the web since Stranger Things debuted in July. We’ve been able to narrow down our top 6 favorite but believe me it was extremely difficult to pick because there is just too much to select from.

  1. Stranger Kids by Holepsi


Found here

  1. “A friend is someone that you’d do anything for.” By David M. Buisán


Found here

  1. Stranger Things VHS by iamsteelberg


Found here

  1. Stranger Things, Enamel Pin. Eleven, Scifi, Horror, Netflix. By PhoebePhillipsDesign


    Found here

  1. Barb! By fydraws


Found here

  1. The Upside Down Players Manual by Glen Brogan


Found here

Have you made any Stranger Things fan art? What is your favorite? We’d love to hear from you! Still haven’t watched Stranger Things – what did I tell you earlier??? Go run and watch it now!!


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