Thursday Shout Out: ChunkyGirlUniverse & BigBeautifulCosplay


By: Ubersnaps

Ooh la la! This week we want to give a FIERCE shout out to our fellow plus size cosplayers at Chunky Girl Universe and Big Beautiful Cosplay! What we thought would be a small niche in the cosplay community has blown us away with the wonderful communities we have found both local and online.


You can find the buxom ladies of Chunky Girl Universe at various conventions in and around the San Francisco area speaking at panels. They’ve made appearances on news channels and at other conventions to promote and motivate everyone to love their bodies. They have created illustrations and comics which you can pick up at their convention booths. Just this past week they rocketed past their funding goal for their newest project release for an anti-bullying comic for children. Marisa Garcia and Kaitlyn Lundelius have teamed up to write and illustrate Why in the World Would You Call Me Fat? which aims to release this December. If you act quick you can still get a copy of this in time for Christmas by funding their KickStarter project here!


The Chunky Girl Universe is always on the move and you can meet up with them this Sunday, September 18th, at the Unapologetically Beautiful Lingerie Fashion Show in Campbell, California. Find more information on more events on their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram. We can’t wait to see what will be in store for Halloween!



I was floored by the wonderful costumes and designs brought to a wonderful corner of the internet with Big Beautiful cosplayers. Follow this community and get inspired to work your wardrobe and represent your inner superhero (or super villain!). Bring your stitching and crafting skills together and showcase those curves. Much love for Bellexi and her Overwatch cosplay of the character Roadhog, super amazing! Join to get some ideas and resources for your cosplay on Facebook and Instagram.


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