#WCW: All Women Cosplayers!

By: Erika Ashley


Continuing with this week’s theme of All the Cosplay, our Woman Crush Wednesday is dedicated to every Woman Cosplayer for putting yourself out there and doing what you love.


In researching this topic and learning more about the Cosplay Community I couldn’t pin down just one specific Cosplayer that I wanted to feature as a #WCW. Simply because they are all fantastic. One person doesn’t deserve to hold the title of Girl Geek HQ’s Woman Crush Wednesday because you are all stunning and unique.

Some Cosplayers spend hours, days, weeks and months constructing and fabricating their intricate outfits and even accessories. Others may not have the abilities to craft a costume from scratch but put in all their effort into attaining and compiling their outfits which is still great.


You put in the work to bring your vision to life. We admire each and every one of you that tries your hardest to step outside your comfort zone or relishes in the spotlight of dressing up as a character, person, idea that you love.

Overall, Girl Geek Headquarters wants to celebrate You for what you do and we can’t wait to see what you have in store! So, keep up the great work and get it ladies!!


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