Top 6 – Plus-Size Cosplayers

By: Erika Ashley

Cosplay is an immensely diverse and all-encompassing community that congregates online and in real life. However, much like any popular subculture the most celebrated and admired individuals within the group tend to me famous for their looks. So it’s only inevitable that the most renowned or widely accepted and promoted cosplayers would be complimented on their physiques and big busts.

However, here at Girl Geek Headquarters – we love everyone and especially want to take the time much deserved time to celebrate the bigger gals and guys of cosplay. Below is a list (not in order of importance) compiled of our top 6 picks of up and coming and seasoned plus-sized cosplayers.

  1. Katie Starr – @NerdGirlCosplay

I’ve been following @NerdGirlCosplay for a while now and I immensely admire her for her dedication to her craft. She designs and constructs her costumes and it shows in the details. She also regularly posts witty captions and funny pictures on Instagram.

  1. Robin Nixon – @ robinthe_curvyfashionista

Robin is a fashionista after my own heart. She runs a Youtube channel that she recently revived where she posts awesome plus size shopping haul vids. Not only is she fashion forward but her cosplay is fearless and she isn’t afraid to give it her all in her costumes.

  1. TaLynn Kel – @talynnkel


Holy shit balls Geeks. While doing research for the upcoming podcast I stumbled across TaLynn’s Instagram and instantly clicked on to her namesake website. This woman is amazing. Often times dressing in genderbending cosplay and fucking rocking it. TaLynn has been cosplaying for over 10 years now and the intensive details and advanced skills in the craft show that she’s a master of Cosplay and downright awesome!

  1. Morgan Le Gay – @morgan_le_gay

Morgan is absolutely adorable and even though she’s been cosplaying for just about 3 years now her attention to detail and follow through is stunning. She makes her costumes and you can find her documented grueling process on her Instagram page. Not only is she a great Cosplayer herself but she organized a Cosplay Community – @BigBeautifulCosplayers on Instagram that celebrates and features plus sized Cosplays from all over.

  1. Mina Zubia – @mina_monster73

Mina is a phenomenal Cosplayer that puts together fantastic costumes that are absolutely on pointe. Her Princess Fiona from Shrek is my favorite and I can’t get enough of her cosplay. I think she might even be local to Northern California and we’ve even been at the same conventions but I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting her. Hopefully one day though, I want to see these costumes in person because she looks too good to believe.


  1. Big Mike – @ bigmike_779

Plus size Cosplay is not just limited to the ladies, and to prove it this guy gives the plus size lady Cosplayers a run for their money. I love when someone commits to their costume and you can tell that Big Mike enjoys what he does and takes pride in his Cosplay. Keep up the awesome work!

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