AFK Until 9/12/16


Hey Geeks –

I want to personally apologize for lack of content this week. I had a huge week planned for you revolving around Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary. However, due to technical difficulties and personal situations those posts weren’t finished in time.


As many of you might know already, Ubersnaps and I do work full time careers in addition to running GGHQ and sometimes we spread ourselves thinner than we expect. Regardless, we have so much fun geeking out with you all about video games, movies, pop culture, Star Trek, etc. It’s truly the highlight of my days.


The podcast was going to be released this Sunday but due some technical difficulties it the podcast release will be Sunday September 18th instead. So be sure to mark your calendars!


Ubersnaps and I will be taking this weekend to put together some brand new fresh content. Which means that come Monday there will be a whole new theme on the Girl Geek HQ site – Check back Monday morning to find out what next week’s theme will be and it’ll give you a huge hint for the very first podcast episode topic!


Thank you all for your support.

Erika Ashley

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