Top 5 Star Trek: The Original Series Episodes


By: Erika Ashley

Around here at Girl Geek Headquarters we’re getting ready for Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary. So, what better way than to kick off the festivities by counting down or Top 5 favorite episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series.

  1. “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”
    First aired: December 29, 1966ST_TT_01

    In this episode the Enterprise encounters a black hole that sends the entire ship and its crew back to the 20th century and in Earth’s atmosphere where the Enterprise is seen by an Air Force Pilot. Kirk beams the Pilot, Captain John Christopher, aboard the Enterprise because he’s already seen too much. The Pilot gets upset that Kirk won’t release him back to Earth but potentially by keeping him on board history could be altered forever.

    I really enjoyed that this episode takes the cast back to the actual time they are from which was pretty funny. It was humorous to me because of the entire 20th century the writers chose to have the crew return to the late 1960s… what?! Why?!

  1. “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”
    First aired: October 20, 1966ST_TT_02

    The Enterprise approaches planet EXO-III and the main crew beams down to see if they can locate the well-known scientist Dr. Roger Korby that hasn’t been heard from for nearly 5 years. The landing crew finds Korby alive but when Kirk and Nurse Chapel beam down to the planet, they find a man obsessed with using alien technology to reproduce the humans around him in the form of androids that he can control.

    Kirk always seems to get himself wrapped up in the craziest scenarios and strapped to a table naked is just another day for him.

  1. “The City on the Edge of Forever”
    First aired: April 6, 1967ST_TT_03

    This episode shows a spellbinding tale of time travel and how it alters history. When McCoy steps through a time portal back to Depression-era Earth, he saves the life of a peace activist in a traffic accident. That good deed unfortunately allows the Nazis to triumph during World War II, altering the course of history, and threatening the very existence of the Enterprise crew. Following McCoy, Kirk realizes that to set things right, the very woman he has fallen for back in the 1930s must die.

    I loved how crazy McCoy was acting in this episode. I mean he was pretty bat shit and it was hilarious. Kirk like usual gets sidetracked by a pretty lady, but Spock of course stays on track and gets shit done so they can all make it back to their ship.

  1. “Amok Time”
    First aired: September 15, 1967ST_TT_04
    Spock begins to exhibit irrational and illogical behavior and requests that he be taken to his home planet Vulcan. Kirk and McCoy, having witnessed one of Spock’s out of character outbursts, agree and divert the ship to Vulcan. En route, Kirk receives orders from Starfleet to travel to Altair VI to represent the Federation at the inauguration ceremony for the planet’s new president. Though Kirk instructs the crew to set course to Altair VI, Spock secretly changes course back to Vulcan. They are forced to go to Vulcan where Spock ends up battling Kirk.

    Now it’s time for Spock to act crazy… crazy with hormones. Starting the second season you know that Spock is logical, methodical, and even keel so to see him act out of character was a kick. Then to add the cherry on top, he’s willing to beat the crap out of Kirk to marry his arranged wife. But, what the best part wasn’t even Kirk taking one for the team, but Spock’s ultimate diss to his lady and her crush. You just have to watch it to understand.

  1. “The Trouble with Tribbles”
    First aired: December 29, 1967
    ST_TT_05In this episode an interstellar salesman’s pet tribbles – purring balls of fur that love to multiply – become a real pain for Kirk, who also has to deal with Klingon saboteurs, obnoxious space diplomats, and crew members who brawl in bars. But, tribbles are adorable.

    I mean… who doesn’t just love Tribbles??!


Were any of these episodes from Star Trek: The Original Series in your Top 5 List??


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