GameFace Monday – Overcooked

By: Ubersnaps


Overcooked reminded me that I am, in fact, an idiot sandwich; one that Chef Ramsay would be proud of. This weekend Erika and I embarked on this new indie title release to show that teamwork makes the dream work. We were then shot in the face with the reality that we were horrible at making burgers, so we became soup vegetarians, which didn’t seem to pan out in our favor either.


Save the world from the imminent doom of the Ever Peckish by going back in time with the Onion King and his dog Kevin to hone your cooking skills. Overcooked is fun, fast paced and chaotic. It is simple, yet add 2-4 of your best pals and confirm who has the A type personality. The levels start out simple enough in your basic kitchen with easy recipes, but as you advance in your cooking career you’ll be serving in more complex places to say the least. From elite kitchens, to serving penguins in the arctic, and space! The final culinary frontier.


The map is completely charming as you drive around to different towns in what appears to be a little food truck. Your friends can assist you in driving as well, turning the map into a silly tug-o-war as you progress through levels. Each level we entered we attempted to go in with a plan; however the randomly generated orders we worked to fill would often throw us off along with any plan we had gone in with. There were times when the controls felt a little sticky; I would try to put something down only to have it in my hands still, not noticing until I had already sprinted half way from its intended destination. Dropping items on the floor were difficult to pick back up again unless I used my body to corner it against a wall to pick it up. Perhaps the floor is not the best place to store consumables.


Overcooked is a local multiply player game; however I feel it could have really benefitted from online multiplayer as well, being that most of my gaming buddies are online. While this game is best played as a multiplayer, you can play it solo. During single play you’ll be able to control two chefs to alternate them between certain tasks. This made the game much more difficult having to juggle tasks and keeping a sharp ear out to keep track of what my other chef was doing, trying to make sure that each one was actively doing something to best utilize the time. I spent a good 30-45mins on some levels, cursing at the screen knowing that I was my own weakest link when trying to complete a level with three stars.


Overcooked is hours of entertainment for all ages. It also includes a versus mode, go  1v1 or 2v2. Or develop trust issues by splitting the controller for one player to control movements and one player controls actions. This game is a blast, and for under $20 it’s the best bang for your buck.

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