No Man’s Sky : Captain’s Log 2nd Entry


Night and day, as they would call it. Two weeks ago I found myself crashed on the side of a strange planet. Today I sit in my plush luxurious cruiser with enough resources and coin to do whatever at my heart’s content. Space pirates are still an issue, but I am in the business of bringing that to an end. I have learned a fair bit in my travels thus far, the Gek will have a hard time overcharging me for goods now and the Vy’keen no longer intimidate me. In fact, they see me as their near equal. This may have something to do with the fact that I may have accidentally gotten married? I will need to invest more time learning the local dialect.
-Captain Ubersnaps

I have taken a great liking to the Vy’keen warrior like culture, and they have been quite gracious to me.  Each station I have visited has had a multitool for sale, often better than mine. I’ve devoted a lot of my time to learn their language, I was excited when I was able to fully comprehend one of the locals.


I found it best to just agree.
Mo’ Units, No Problems
A ship was not my first focus, but rather my exo-suit. I wasn’t doing a whole lot of traveling to begin with because I was spending so much time just exploring planets. Often times I would wander far far away from my ship with no way to call it, if I needed specific materials I would have to wait until I was able to call my ship again. With my new and improved exo-suit I was able to install modules without having to sacrifice slots for valuable items allowing me to spend more time grinding out that cash. I found a planet blanketed Vortex Cubes which I could quickly pick up then turn around and sell for 20k.


Great, but they don’t stack which meant my excursions would be shorter and more time spent running back and forth. Gold and Emeril were the most profitable nodes to invest time into mining, they were plentiful on some planets and like all other resources, stacked. I was fortunate to land on a planet that was plagued with gold, even the lakes seemed to be speckled with gold sand. I spent a fair time here, each haul to the nearest outpost netting me 2million units. With patience I found myself at 12million units in a short span.

Finally I was able to get a new ship, but of course, such a task would not be so simple. I spent literal days warping to other systems and visiting the space stations and waiting for ships to dock. It had to be the right color, the right shape with plenty of inventory space. Vy’keen stations were my favorite to land at, I liked their ships. Most of them were very sharp and angular, making them look fierce. Gek had some horrible bubbly shaped goblin face ships. I sat patiently on top of my ship as I watched others come in and dock until I found it. A large freighter with a shape that looked strong painted orange and red. I wanted something a little more playfully colored, but I was starting to get impatient with myself. I knew I would be looking for another ship eventually anyway being that it was the largest ship I had seen at 26 slots.



So what now? I still have the two story quests to complete, however from what I’ve heard(without trying to spoil it too much for myself) I won’t be rushing to complete those. I have settled back into trying to find each discovery on a planet as much as possible. Finding the last species on the planet can be aggravating. I have seen some interesting theories so far that look fairly accurate. While reviewing the Discoveries menu, the species recorded often fall into grouping based on what terrain they should be in(top to bottom) Land > Air > Cave > Water. Some are even reported to spawn during specific periods in the day and can be harder to find. Check out this player’s  discoveries so far.

Hopefully, we will see the promised updates soon so we can bring back some more interesting tales from the deep. I am looking forward to being able to build structures and more useful modules. Until then…

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