#WCW: Whoopi Goldberg

:y: Ubersnaps


Whoopi Goldberg, born Caryn Elaine Johnson, is a timeless woman of our hearts. She has always been one of my favorites from the laughter and warmth she brings where ever she goes. Throughout the years she has remained a strong icon and been very true to herself from the soul gripping film The Color Purple to the whimsical Sister Act. Just as Whoopi was inspired by Commander Uhura to be anything she wanted to be, Whoopi inspires other generations of women today including SNL cast member and Ghostbuster Leslie Jones. Whoopi Goldberg is as talented as she is inspirational and she is not afraid to tell you what is really on her mind.


My favorite place to see Whoopi was in Star Trek : The Next Generation as Gunian. She wonderfully played the knowledgeable counselor who never fed you the answers, but instead guided others to their own answers by playing the other side of the coin. Brilliant. Did anyone else ever notice how she had one of most diverse set of outfits? She could pull off any color even with that hat.


The out spoken actress is on the forefront of a lot of alternative life style issues today. She has even become an entrepreneur with cannabis products for symptoms of the “girl flu” which released in California earlier this year.


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