Countdown to StocktonCon


By: Erika Ashley

StocktonCon is just days away and boy are we excited! This year is the con’s 5th year bringing pop culture and comic book greatness to the San Joaquin region. For those non-local folk that might be hearing about StocktonCon for the very first time let’s go over the basics shall we?

Below is information directly from the con’s website-


What is StocktonCon?

The goal of StocktonCon is to raise awareness of outstanding artists in the San Joaquin Valley area  and to give attendees the chance to experience a wide variety of popular culture (comics, card games, video games,  anime, manga, science fiction, toys, television and movies).

It is also StocktonCon’s intention to raise awareness and funds in conjunction with the United Way and St. Mary’s Dining Room and other local charities.

When and where is StocktonCon?

Our next StocktonCon is set for August 20-21, 2016 at Stockton Arena located at 248 W Fremont St, Stockton, CA. The hours of StocktonCon are 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. for both Saturday and Sunday.

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This year StocktonCon has several awesome artists and actors that will be present to partake in discussions, panels, photo and autograph ops. Among those listed I am hoping to meet Michael Dorn known for his role as Worf on Star Trek Next Generation.

Are you planning on attending StocktonCon? We’d love to see you there!

For more information about StocktonCon, visit – 

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