#WCW: Margot Robbie



By: Erika Ashley

Margot Robbie is a blonde haired, blue eye, angel and who doesn’t love a good lookin’ gal? I mean seriously, just look at her. On the surface she’s flawless but besides her appearance this 26 year old bombshell is down to earth and ultimately the whole package. Born and raised in in Australia this Aussie doesn’t take herself too seriously which is such a breath of fresh air. As an up and coming actress she broke out in her role as Naomi Lapaglia opposite of Leonardo DiCaprio’s main character Jordan Belfort.


She’s moved on to larger films playing the co-main character as Jane in The Legend of Tarzan and scored herself the main role of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. Margot has Hollywood as her oyster and she’s the shining pearl. I can only hope that she stays true to her genuine self and doesn’t let the fame get the best of her because she has so many more years ahead of her in bigger and better films.


Robbie has done many interviews recently where she boats about her peculiar past times, taking up the art of tattooing, and loving her new pet rat she received as a gift from co-star Jared Leto. Literally hours ago she admitted to enjoying a beer in the shower every night before bed. Come on now – who does that??


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