GGHQ’s Top 8 Alien Themed Movies

By: Erika Ashley

Space has always interested me, from a young age I would peer up into the skies at night and observe the beauty beyond. Often times I would ponder what lurked in the darkness above and hope that our little planet wasn’t alone. Aliens have fascinated me and like most others they terrify me. Are they friendly? Are they hostile? Are they even real? (Duh they are.) I guess we will never truly know but what we do know is that Hollywood loves making films about them and here is a list of my top favorite alien related movies.

  • Alien – 1979


Directed by Ridley Scott
Runtime: 1hr 57min
Rated: R


My all-time favorite has to be Alien including the entire franchise. If you haven’t taken the time to bask in the glory that is Alien or Aliens (I would suggest only watching 3 & 4 if you really enjoyed the first two) then what are you really doing with your life?! Get on it – STAT!

  • Prometheus – 2012


Directed by Ridley Scott
Runtime: 2hr 4min
Rated: R


Ridley Scott sure does know how to direct amazing films about aliens. Prometheus fits in the Alien franchise because it explains the origination of the Alien species and how it came to plague humans. The cinematography and art direction for this futuristic flick is gorgeous and even though it replicates much of the original Alien film, it is most definitely worth the watch.

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind – 1977


Directed by Steven Spielberg
Runtime: 2hr 15min
Rated: PG


This movie was one of the first alien features I watched as a child, next to ET of course, but unlike ET it felt realistic and really got me thinking about space folk. What I really enjoyed and still remember was the interaction with the aliens and how it made perfect sense that synthesized music is the way to communicate with people from outer space. They probably loved the 80s too.

  • Men in Black – 1997


Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld
Runtime: 1hr 53min
Rated: PG-13


Stepping outside of potentially realistic alien movies and into the comedy realm Men in Black was one of my favorite childhood movies. Seeing the aliens up close and personal and how they fit into everyday life made me stare a little too long at some strangers after seeing it the first couple of times. To this day I could probably watch all three MIB films and laugh.

  • Galaxy Quest – 1999


Directed by Dean Parisot
Runtime: 1hr 42min
Rated: PG


Even though this movie is a play on Star Trek and pokes fun at the average Trekkie fandom, Galaxy Quest is still a great film to watch. I love Sigourney Weaver and her commitment to space and alien themed movies. Plus, the aliens that seek the help from the Galaxy Quest crew are hilariously awkward and over the top.

  • Starship Troopers – 1997


Directed by Paul Verhoeven
Runtime: 2hr 9min
Rated: R


This film came out before I was even 10 years old and I can’t remember where I was watching it but boy do I remember how awesome it was to see. Just as I was learning about space travel and was genuinely interested in space exploration the idea of aliens being hostile terrified me. But, seeing these futuristic soldiers blowing the guts out of any and every alien in their sight, I was sure that it would be just fine as long as I could get my hands on a ray gun like theirs.

  • The Fifth Element – 1997


Directed by Luc Besson
Runtime: 2hr 7min
Rated: PG-13


If you can’t tell already, but 1997 was a big year for little 9yr old Erika Ashley. My favorite part of this film wasn’t Bruce Willis or even Milla Jovovich in the band aid onesie, not Chris Tucker even though he was funny. My favorite scene of this film was the opera singing alien Diva Plavalaguna and her beautiful mashup of traditional opera and hip hop. Not to mention she was simply stunning to look at with her tentacles and sleek blue shiny dress.

  • Mars Attacks! – 1996


Directed by Tim Burton
Runtime: 1hr 50min
Rated: PG-13


I know, I know this is the bottom barrel alien movie but I think I mostly enjoyed it because of how cartoonish and over the top the aliens were. Plus, the aliens scared the daylights out of my little sister so I spent weeks walking around the house yelling, “Yat yat!” like the aliens just to get her to squirm.


What are your favorite alien movies??

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