No Man’s Sky : Captain’s Log Stardate 001

I awake to the distant sound of alarms and look up to find the broken remains of my ship shattered against the tarnished copper stained cliffs. As I brace myself to stand, I grab a fistful of soil from the alien planet. It is dry and unnaturally hot as it crumbles effortlessly in my hand. I do a quick once over of myself and give a sigh of relief to find everything, even my exosuit, intact. I clamber carefully up the side of the ragged cliffs to ascertain my location only to realize I have no idea where I am.

                                                                                                -Captain Ubersnaps


I have been so excited about this game since I saw previews of it earlier this year at E3, however this game has been in development since 2013. HelloGames and No Man’s Sky started as a 4 small person team and at its released had grown to a whopping 15 man team. The vast space and beauty of the game is beyond impressive and you have to respect the skill and dedication this team had to make this game come to life. I did my best to read little to nothing prior to release to get a true experience of discovery. This game does no hand holding and no tutorial which makes the player feel like a damn genius when they find out how to do something. You can only ever have this experience once in a game, and my friends, it is a wonderful one to have.


According to creator Sean Murray if you visited each planet for just one second it would take 585 billion years to see them all. As far as I know, each player starts at the edge of the universe, however looking at the map I am completely directionally impaired as to what is up and what is down. I’m not even sure which direction would take me towards the center.


There is a story mode to help guide you, but that’s not how we roll here. I am my own captain and I roam freely (so it will probably take me that 500billion years to complete this game).  On each planet you encounter you can upload your findings from the menu online. If another player stumbles upon a planet you discovered they will see who initially discovered it and find details of each fauna and plant life you discovered there. There is some satisfaction in knowing that you were the first to plant your flag there and everyone else will see it. Being the completionist that I am, I have had to compromise on some planets to get 100% discovered status on them. I spent over six hours on an enormous planet with acid rain looking for the last undiscovered fauna. I gave up with the idea that one day I would return, find the fauna and murder it. Because reasons.


Many other players were upset that the game was promised as multiply player, but released as a sort of single player. Even if you and your pals met at the same point on a planet, you wouldn’t see each other. I am biased in this aspect, I play most MMO games as if they were single player because why rely on others when you can do it yourself (looks at World of Warcraft account with all max professions). Although my heart was not set on the multiplayer aspect, I will be excited to travel the cosmos and build bases with my pals when the day comes. There is far too much to talk about, so follow my Captain Logs to hear more about my progress and experience! More to come as I brave the last frontier.



    • I tried to be the peaceful biologist and stood on all sorts of things to get closer to them. Even in my ship it seemed like I was too far away. Unfortunately it seems like shooting the buggers down is the only way. Don’t worry, it’s tranquilizer lasers, they’re just sleeping. Totally.

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