GGHQ’s Back to School Must Haves

By: Erika Ashley

School is right around the corner for most and as you gear up for another semester in the trenches it might be helpful to include a few of these beauties in your repertoire. Below is a collection of 15 top notch geeky goodies to bring with you this fall.

Marvel Comics Retro Backpack


Who doesn’t love a backpack that reminds us of all the good things in the universe? This pack will surely give you the much needed strength to keep on keeping on when the going gets tough this semester.

Buy it here

Nintendo Controller Backpack


You too can take control of this upcoming school year and show your classmates who’s boss!

Buy it here

I Like Big Books Mug


For all of those brave souls with early classes this adorably cheeky mug can help you to be bright eyed and bushy tailed while holding your morning cup-o-joe. But, why did you pick such an early class anyways?!

Buy it here

Wonder Woman Stars Backpack


A backpack to cover your bad ass back and remind your classmates that you really are a Wonder Woman.

Buy it here

Nerd Journal


Keep all of your intricately detailed class notes in one nerdy place.

Buy it here

LEGO Journal


Was the last journal/notebook too straight forward? This’ll do the trick, plus it’ll keep you busy during all the lectures that drone on and on and on.

Buy it here

DC Comics Batman Sticky Notes

Can’t write directly on the page of your rented textbook? Keep your notes on these handy dandy stickies. Leave ’em in there at the end of the semester so the next chump will know how cool you are.

Buy it here

Vintage Batman Costume Journal


Or use the above stickies in this bad boy.

Buy it here

TMNT Lunch Box

Paying for lunches everyday really adds up. Bring your snackies and lunch to class in this awesome contraption.

Buy it here

Star Trek Floating Enterprise Pen


If you forgot your laptop at home and have to take notes by hand at least you can watch the floating USS Enterprise to distract you from the hand cramp you’ll probably get.

Buy it here

Build-On Brick Mug


This mug is surely meant for late night study sessions where you are seriously studying and not playing LEGOs.

Buy it here

Star Trek Paper Clips


Turn in your next 10 page essay with these clips holding it together and of course you’ll get an A!

Buy it here

Doctor Who Tardis Tin Lunch Box

Doctor Who never made lunch look so good, until now in this Tardis tin box.

Buy it here

Give ‘Em Helvetica Sticky Note Set


More stickies for you to post all around your desk to remind you that the semester will be over in no time.

Buy it here

Everything Your Art Desires Sticker Book


These stickers are adorable and I love stickers so you should love stickers and you should buy these. I mean why not?!

Buy it here

What are your must haves for the upcoming school year?

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