Thursday Shout Outs


By: Erika Ashley

Hey Geeks – This week I’d like to give a nice hardy shout out to a fellow local podcast duo from an amazing show called The Filmlosophers. I had true dumb luck a couple months back at a movie screening where I mustered enough courage to introduce myself to another film critic that was sitting in the press section. Low and behold that gentleman was none other than Eddie Villanueva himself from The Filmlosophers. We chatted for a bit before the movie started and then caught up afterward.


We ran into each other the following week at another movie screening where Eddie introduced me to his podcast co-host Chad Riley. The two and I spoke about the upcoming Girl Geek HQ podcast and they were so gracious as to give me an abundance of advice and things to think about. Soon after Eddie asked me to be a guest on their podcast and I had a blast discussing the new Tarzan movie with them.


The Filmlosophers now have 22 “Lessons” that you can download from wherever you get your podcasts. The episodes range from 45-65 minutes and not only cover movie reviews but also movie news and other geeky pleasures. Eddie and Chad just returned from San Diego Comic Con and while they were at SDCC posted their adventures as they happened. It was great seeing the con from their perspective and to hear their recap once they returned.

If you enjoy films, pop culture, and all things entertainment I’d head over to their page on VGB Studio’s main site and get caught up. Their episodes release each Tuesday and are jam packed with great commentary and insight.

Keep up with The Filmlosophers:


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