#WCW: Kate McKinnon



By: Erika Ashley

Many folks know Kate McKinnon from her current stint on Saturday Night Live but if you haven’t noticed this hilariously adorable comedienne is breaking out on the big screen. Kate debuted on SNL back in 2012 as a Featured Player but has been a breakout lead on the show since mid-2013. She is most known for her celebrity impressions, over the top original characters, and straight-faced deadpan delivery of hysterical punch lines.


Since late last year Kate has been featured in many blockbusters hits including Sisters, Finding Dory, most recently as the main character, Jillian Holtzmann, in the Ghostbusters reboot. She also has two additional films coming to theaters later this year in Masterminds and Office Christmas Party.


Besides her blossoming film career, Kate is the first openly gay cast members on SNL and boasts about her beloved fur-kid, Nino Positano, whom she found at a pizzeria when he was just a kitten. She’s surprisingly down to earth in all of her on-screen interviews and genuinely seems to be enjoying her newfound fame.


Kate is my #WCW because she’s hilarious, genuine, a fellow cat-mom and I couldn’t be more over the moon that she too is an openly proud lesbian. I can’t wait to see what her career brings and I know that she will for sure be the next comedy power house alongside other SNL alumni Kristen Wiig, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler.

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