Inside Scoop on Marvel Insider


By: Erika Ashley

Just a little over a week ago Marvel announced a new loyalty rewards program for their devoted fans called Marvel Insider. This online program allows fans to collect points by completing a wide variety of “activities” from following the Marvel social media pages and accounts to admitting your favorite superhero.

The centerpiece of this new loyalty program is to engage customers and fans to help them learn more about their audience. You can join Marvel Insider by going to the main Marvel website or the specific Marvel Insider page and quickly sign-up by allowing access to either a Facebook or Google account.


Once you are a member you can begin to rack up “points” by enjoying the things you already partake in for example reading online comics, playing games, watching television and movies. There are different levels that you reach as you earn points were you become an: Insider, Agent, Elite, or True Believer.


In addition to the levels, members can redeem their engagement points on video games, t-shirts, comics, posters, and more.

Peter Phillips, EVP/GM, Interactive and Distribution for Marvel told the loyalty association Loyalty360, “Our main objectives are to build a way to connect with fans in a more meaningful way, drive fan engagement by rewarding high value activities, and use fan feedback to create a better experience for our fans.”

I have already joined and within my first day as a Marvel Insider I have earned 10,000 points. Let’s see where this goes.

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