Top 6 Girl Geek Fashionistas


I enjoy fashion just as much as the next gal and as time progresses I find myself pining over other fellow geeky girls style. Here’s a list of my favorite geek inspired fashionistas. Although they may not consider themselves nerdy or geeky I still love the way they dress and aspire to be as fashion forward as them.

    1. Ashley Eckstein – @heruniversePhoto Jul 28, 12 38 45 PMWhen Ashley’s not wearing a stunning dress made of Legos she’s donning and promoting her own geeky line of clothes.
    2.  Leah Vernon – @lvernon2000Photo Jul 28, 12 39 19 PMLeah is a body positive writer and model and I just love her confidence in every outfit she puts together. Her round Edna Mode style glasses are just the icing on the top.
    3. Gaby Dunn @gabyroadPhoto Jul 28, 12 39 45 PMYou might recognize Gaby from videos on Buzzfeed and her own channel Just Between Us Show on Youtube. She’s absolutely adorkable and I love some of the outfits she wears. I mean just look at that horse shirt.

      4. @glitterandlazers

      Photo Jul 28, 12 40 02 PM

      What I love about Glitter & Lazers is her incredible self confidence and although this is a funny unicorn hoodie selfie she does put together some amazingly geek-chic OOTDs.

      5. Molly McIsaac – @mollymcisaac

      Photo Jul 28, 12 40 33 PM

      Molly is an absolute vampy goddess that often does awesome cosplay and galivants arounds all the places I wish I could go in the outfits she wears. Her hair color changes on a whim and I gag every time.

      6. Helena Levin – @cabarbieprincess

      Photo Jul 28, 12 40 20 PM

      Helena is truly living the Barbie life but seriously could be an IRL princess. She not only wears insanely cutesy dresses but her cosplay and Disney princess getups are to die for.

Do you know of any other geek chic beauties we should feature? I’d love to hear from you.

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