Star Fleet Survival Jacket – MUST HAVE


Hey Trekkies! Do you often find yourself stranded on different planets having to fend for your life and survive in crazy elements? Well ANOVOS, your outlet for high quality nerd cosplay costumes and apparel will soon be offering a high-end version of the Star Fleet Survival Jacket that was seen in the new Star Trek: Beyond film.

The Official Star Trek site mentions, “The identical style fabrics have been custom dyed to match the distinctive quilted panels seen in the Beyond garment. The jacket’s abrasion panels feature a rubberized texture pattern and the Starfleet arrowhead insignia badge and hardware are replicated in cast rubber and finished in silver.”


The jacket will be priced at $575.00 USD, and will come in sizes Small through 2XL. ANOVOS will offer flexible payment plan options for all of us broke geeks.

Read more about this amazing piece of outwear at the Official Star Trek website:

In the meantime, I’ll be selling my soul to afford this beauty. (Just kidding… my soul is not for sale.)

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