The Conjuring 2 – Movie Review


Almost no time has passed since the Warren’s have moved on to explore their next supernatural case. During a spiritual meeting at the Amityville Horror House, Lorraine Warren, has an unsettling vision of a demonic spirit taking her husband’s Ed’s life. She reveals to Ed that she wants to take a break from assisting on new cases but shortly after her attempted hiatus the couple is called upon to help a family across the pond. A young girl living with her recently single mother and siblings in a rundown house in a suburb of London becomes possessed by the spirit of an elderly man that once lived in the home. Although everyone around the family thinks the girl is faking the Catholic church sends the Warren’s to help the her and her family. But, in the process of the Warren’s research and assistance Lorraine’s vision could potentially become reality.


Holy shit. This movie is terrifying. It’s been a while since I went to see a horror film in theaters, mostly because I tend to squirm in my seat, whine, and cover my eyes because over the years my horror tolerance has depleted. When you live in your parent’s home things just aren’t that scary because you are under their protection, or so you think. But, when you’re an adult and you live on your own, suddenly watching scary flicks is on a whole other level when you have to protect your damn self.


Unlike the first film – The Conjuring – this sequel has a completely different feel and it almost reminds me of a classic horror film. Unnatural and eerie music played at unsettling volumes and a bizarre humming opens the credits and from the very beginning the audience is on the edge of their seat. You can feel the tension building from the jump and just when you think you can take a breath, GOTCHA, a good jump scare is just around the corner. The cinematography is better and scenes are framed superbly. The details phenomenal from the fully dressed and thoroughly designed sets to creepy realistic makeup on the horrifying demon creatures and spirits. All the well-executed little pieces made the film a stand apart from its original film.


The acting was much better than I’ve seen in a few recent horror movies and although at times seemed a little over the top, it still comes across as fitting. The fear appears real and maybe you don’t mind that the dialogue is a little lacking or unrealistic, but then again what do I know since I have no idea what you would say if a demonic figure was haunting your every waking moment. The best acting came from the main character Janet Hodgson, played by Madison Wolfe, because she gave just enough creepy dead people seeing little girl vibes that matches the young Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense.


Not just the acting was well done but the scare setups were on pointe. The tension was ever-looming but just as you think something is going to happen and you tense up just enough the scare lags leaving the audience with a false sense of security as if we just missed it. Just then what you thought would happen doesn’t or in a few cases it does. In the theater audible gasps, screams, and “Oh hell no’s” were heard many, many times.


For a sequel, The Conjuring 2, is top shelf – scare your pants off – sleep with the lights on – terrifying. I don’t want to give away too many details because you need to see this movie in theaters. The scares will be even that much better when you are surrounded by others gasping and whining alongside you amplifying the horror. If you are planning on seeing a movie this date night – skip Me Before You and see The Conjuring 2 because your date will cling to your side and nearly jump right into your lap. But, if you’re a wimp too, maybe you should wait until it comes out on DVD so you both can scream in the privacy of your home.

The Conjuring 2 is rated R for terror and horror violence and has a 134-minute runtime.

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