Hello World!


There’s no better day than today to take a moment and introduce who I am and why I started this little blog and Youtube series.


Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone in some way is a “Geek.” Let’s define the word shall?


There are “Geeks” that love fashion, fitness, movies, cooking, collecting, cosplay, comic books, etc. We all have an infatuation that causes each one of us to “Geek Out.” Why not embrace is? Why not enjoy it and learn new things that you too can get into to become a Geek of some sort?


Hell no. I consciously made the decision to use the term “Girl Geek Headquarters” because I am a young woman and would like other women young and old to join me on this geeky journey. But, if you are a member of the opposite gender, are in between, or non-gendered I accept and hope you too enjoy yourself here.


I will be posting about everything and anything that interests me. From movie/tv show reviews, researched topics, funny quips and anecdotes, to literally anything geeky/nerdy/dorky. Believe me I have a wide variety of interests. In addition to the blog posts I will be updating the Girl Geek HQ Youtube page – you can find here.

I’m eager to get this show on the road and I’m always open to suggestions for topics of discussion or research. I want to learn about everything and you can join me in discovering a whole new world.



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